Materials Testing

Soils Testing

LEA can conduct various geotechnical laboratory testing including (but not limited to) Atterberg limit testing, gradation testing (mechanical and hydrometer) soil permeability testing.

In addition, through various subcontractors, we can also provide dynamic shear analysis testing, consolidation testing, triaxial testing and other specialized testing.

Other services include

  • Nuclear densometer compaction testing capabilities
  • Sand Cone and balloon testing
  • Large volumetrics such as sand and water replacement testing
  • Gradation Analysis; metric and standard sieve series
  • Field gradation crusher monitoring and testing to MOT&I Standards

Concrete Testing

Lewkowich Engineering offer the following Concrete Testing Services:

  • CCIL Category 0 Certified Concrete Testing
  • Field and laboratory concrete testing capabilities
  • Capabilities to conduct mix designs, aggregates analysis, specialized concrete mixes and admixtures
  • Concrete mix design reviews and consulting
  • Concrete coring for compressive strength, voids analysis and corrosion detection
  • Reinforcing steel inspection and anchor bolt testing

Asphalt Testing

Lewkowich Engineering offer the following Asphalt Testing Services:

  • Full asphalt Marshall testing using either burn off oven, centrifuge or reflux extraction methods
  • Asphalt plant calibration capabilities
  • Asphalt coring for thickness and density determinations
  • Asphalt mix design
  • Recycled asphalt mix assessment and monitoring
  • Pavement management systems setup and maintenance
  • Benkelman Beam Testing for roadway or road structure deflection testing.

Hazardous Substances Testing

Lewkowich Engineering offers in-house and field portable analytical services for contaminated soils, hazardous materials, Asbestos, Lead based paint (LBP) and mould spores.