The team at LEA consists of the following permanent, full-time members:

Office Administration:   Kim Rasmussen (Accts Receivable – Nanaimo); Jessica McLauclin (Administrator – Nanaimo) ; Debbie Dargatz (Accountant); Dawn O’Malley (Administrator – Courtenay)

Engineers: Christopher M. Hudec, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. (Partner); Darron G. Clark, P.Eng. (Partner); Johannes Fischer, P.Eng.; Walt Rathbun, P.Eng.

Senior Technologists: John Hessels, AScT (Partner); Paul Johnston, RIHT (Partner)

Technologist: Lanny Graham, Assoc. Tech.

Lab Supervisors: Tony Leboutillier (Aggregates); Johanne Picard (Hygiene, Partner)

Louis Chapdelaine, Geoscientist, G.I.T

Sean Sanger, Geotechnical, E.I.T. (Courtenay)

Technicians:  Steven Stacey, CTech (Partner); Paul Fraser, CTech; Paul Simmons, Tony Williamson (Courtenay), Carl Rasmussen, Andrew Bates, Harold Roesma,  Kevin Roberts

Lab (Hygiene) Analysts: Laurie Clark; Alynn Shanks; Heather Skipper

Environmental Scientists: Kim Thompson

LEA consults with our  founder, former partner, and trusted adviser: G.F. (Gerry) Lewkowich, P.Eng.