Paul Johnston, RIHT

Senior Industrial Hygienist – Managing Partner HSE Department

Paul Johnston has extensive expertise developed over 30 years in the Occupational and Environmental Safety field in both public and private sector environments. He is a registered member of the Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists and holds a Diploma of Technology (DTech) in Engineering Technology from the Manitoba Institute of Technology.

Paul has managed and authored over 1000 Stage I and II Environmental Site Audits, Indoor Air Quality assessments, hazard assessments, and environmental monitoring programs for a wide variety of clients and sites. Some of his major clients and projects include Public Works and Government Services Canada, the B.C. and Manitoba Workers Compensation Boards, B.C. Buildings Corporation, Environment Canada, B.C. Ferries, the U.S. Geological Service and NASA. Paul has also consulted on both the BOREAS and LBA/Eco research projects in northern Canada and the Amazon rainforest from 1995 through 2005.

Professional affiliations include the Canadian Society for Safety Engineering and CECAB.

Paul is a licensed pilot, SCUBA diving instructor and sailor in his spare time.