Jo Picard, BSc., RPIH
Industrial Hygienist | Partner

Jo’s background is with the Canadian Armed Forces following her father’s footsteps and serving for 26 years, primarily as an Electronic Technician.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Malaspina University in 2008 and started working at LEA in 2010 as an Asbestos Lab Analyst. She completed her Elemental Industrial Hygiene course in 2012 and has been a registered member of the Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists since 2015. She also became an LEA partner in 2015.

She now has over 10 years of experience in the identification and management of hazardous materials. While developing her microscopy skills, she discovered her passion for identifying mould spores and understanding fungal ecology, leading to a strong knowledge in mould and Indoor Air Quality investigations.

Outside of work, Johanne enjoys mushroom hunting in the forest, gardening and food preservation.