Walter B. Rathbun, P.Eng.
Geotechnical Engineer

Walter’s career began in the mining industry, where he gained extensive experience in pit face geological mapping at iron ore mines in Michigan and Bingham Canyon in Utah. He then spent six years working in mining consulting out of Vancouver, where he worked on pit wall, waste dump, and tailings dam design, instrumentation, and operations support in oil sands and coal mines in Alberta and B.C.

For the last eight years, Walter has focused on land development, civil/municipal, industrial, and residential development on Vancouver Island. He specializes in retaining wall design, slope stability analyses, liquefaction screening, and ground improvement, among other advanced techniques. With his broad background in mining and land development, Walter is adept at breaking down complex problems and offering practical solutions.

When not working, Walter enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his fitness interests. He is an avid swimmer, trail runner, and water polo player, and also practices yoga.