Hazmat assessments that protect your people and property.

From asbestos testing to hazmat assessments, our hygiene team knows how to test and assess chemical, biological, and physical hazards in any environment. Our in-house laboratory is fully equipped for fungi and asbestos testing. We’ll help you navigate regulations to ensure your environment is compliant and up to code.

Our hazmat assessments include:
Field Services
Air Monitoring & Filter Efficiency Testing
Mobile Laboratory Services (Asbestos Air & XRF)
Hazardous Materials Surveys, Inventories & Sampling
Mould Investigations & Sampling
Basic Indoor Air Quality Investigations
On-Site Asbestos Testing and Laboratory Testing
Bulk Analysis (NIOSH 9002)
Filter Analysis (NIOSH 7400)
On-Site Chemistry Testing and Laboratory Testing
X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis of Heavy Metals
Bulk Analysis
Filter Analysis
Wipe Analysis
Biology Lab
Spore Trap Analysis (ASTM D7391-20)
Bulk Fungal Analysis
Fungal Culture Analysis
Worker Exposure Control, Air Monitoring and Filter Efficiency Testing
Industrial Hygiene Documents
Risk Assessments
Safe Work Procedures
Exposure Control Plans
Clearance / Confirmation Letters
Air Monitoring; Asbestos and Lead
Filter Efficiency Testing
Need an accurate hazmat assessment?