Geotechnical materials testing that optimizes your project’s performance.

Our geotechnical firm conducts on-site materials testing that ensures you have the data and information you need to design and build your project. No matter if it’s soil, concrete, or asphalt, we accurately test and thoroughly analyze properties and behaviours to ensure firm foundations under any condition.

Our geotechnical material testing services include:
On-Site Soils Testing and Laboratory Testing
Modified Proctor density test (ASTM D1557)
Standard Proctor density test (ASTM D698)
Sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregates (ASTM C136)
Wash sieve analysis of materials finer than 75-µm (ASTM C117)
Permeability of granular soils (Constant Head) (ASTM D2434)
Liquid, plastic limits and plasticity index of soils (ASTM D4318)
Hydrometer particle size analysis of soils (ASTM D422)
Fracture count in coarse aggregate (ASTM D5821/MoTI, BCH 1-13)
Specific gravity and absorption (Coarse & Fine Agg) (ASTM C127/C128)
Organic content of soils (ASTM D2974)
On-Site Concrete Testing and Laboratory Testing

Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories (CCIL) Certified Lab (Category 0) Certified

  • As per CSA A23.1 & A23.2
  • Test slump, air, and temperature of plastic concrete
  • Make and cure compression test cylinders
  • Test compressive strength of concrete cylinder specimens

Non-CCIL Certified Services and Procedures

  • Flexural beam testing
  • Grout compression strength testing
  • Concrete coring for strength testing
  • Density, Absorption, and Voids in Hardened Concrete (ASTM C642)
  • Shotcrete core strength
  • Concrete mix application reviews
On-Site Asphalt Testing and Laboratory Testing
Briquette compaction and density (ASTM D2726/D6926)
Maximum theoretical density (ASTM D2041)
Oil Extraction and aggregate gradation (ASTM D2172/D5444)
Marshall stability and flow (ASTM D6927)
Air voids analysis (ASTM D3203)
Core density (ASTM D2726)
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